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  5630 Lakeland Avenue, Crystal, MN 55429
  (763) 404-7200
We Buy Cars. Call Dave!
  5630 Lakeland Avenue, Crystal, MN 55429
  (763) 404-7200
We Buy Cars. Call Dave!

We love those that serve at Cities Auto Sales. Military auto loans are offered to our nation's armed forces personnel. ARMY NAVY, COAST GUARD, MARINES, AIR FORCE, SPACE FORCE, Active-duty personnel, reservists, their families, and, sometimes, even military veterans qualify for military auto financing. To take advantage of these various programs, you'll need to have a current military ID or proper documentation of prior active duty. There are certain privileges that are available with military financing that isn't found in traditional or bad credit auto loans.  We will match you with the perfect lender from our network.

The advantages of military car loans are exactly what set them apart from a loan that a civilian would qualify for. Military financing is different because these loans are often offered with special discounts, lower interest rates, lower down payment requirements, and longer loan terms. Additionally, it may be easier to get approved. Lenders view military service itself as a form of collateral, knowing wages for these services are virtually guaranteed, which means loan payments are, too. Because of this stability, military auto loans are typically processed and approved very quickly.

These advantages of Cities Auto Sales military car loan programs, along with the ability to apply online from anywhere in the world, are just some of the perks that set US military financing and bad credit auto loans for military personnel apart from the crowd.

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